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The Legend of the Seven Whales



There were once seven whales.


Their names were Tahutoria, Takitaki, Korito, Onepoto, Iwitea, Tuhara, and Hikunui.


One day they sent out the swordfish to see what the sharks were up to. The sharks were planning to eat all of the fish.


So the swordfish said to all the sea creatures “the sharks are planning to eat all of us”.


Eel said “this means war”. All of the sea creatures got their weapons. The swordfish went to the sharks lair and the sharks said “what do you want?”.  The swordfish told the sharks there is going to be a war between them.


The sharks said “we’ll win”. So the swordfish made his way back and told the others that the sharks were on their way to battle for war. They all prepared themselves for battle. It started with a crash and a boom and before long they were all dead except one. It was Big Jaw, the boss of the sharks. Hikunui chased him and caught him. There was a big struggle and Hikunui stabbed Big Jaw with a sharp shell, and all the sea creatures lived happily ever after.



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I like bugs and insects and all animals. I have 9 pets, 4 fish, 2 frogs, 1 dog, 1 cockateil, and 1 mouse. My favorite pet is Squeak my pet mouse.

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