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by teacher: gordon
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   The first thing I want to say is it was a  lot of work. We had lot's of work but it was worth it because the person I am right now is the best I am in my life. Mr.Meyer pushed us very hard and I am glad because he made me a better student, and got me ready for sixth grade. 

   I remember he big ball challenge with ALL of our class mates. It was fun because it was our second challenge, and it meant to work together. We had to earn the challenge. Another thing we had to earn was  our "woe" for our good, better, best chant. It was hard work to keep ourselves quiet and working. 

   My favorite challenge was the challenge when I was voted off. It was my favorite because I had in mind the people who would get votes and I knew I was one. I had to work really hard to get immunity because I knew if I didn't, I was gone. It ended up, we were in the championship. I was sad I was voted off because I thought I could win, I also didn't have any stress on me because of survivor. I was mostly on work. I was also a good thing because then I could focus on work.

   My favorite thing to do in Mr.Meyer's class is to say, "Look at ho much work I did this week"! There will be this huge pile of papers at the end of the quarter. I also like how much fun it was. Making movies, survivor, working hard, and having a good time. The hardest part of Mr.Meyer's class hasn't happened yet. I think it will be leaving this class to go to the sixth grade teachers.

   Although, some parts were hard when you were voted off, but you would get over it and then you can cheer on your friends. When you get to participate in challenges when you are a pirate for the first time, you start walking with your old tribe, when you know that you are already gone. Even though in your last tribal council you beg to stay in, your gone. To know though, that survivor is like rolling dice, it's all about luck, so you get over it after a while. 

   You always have fun watching challenges, and watching the voting when you are a pirate, but, of course, it's not all about survivor. Another thing I had fun with was making movies. We will have tec-workshop every Wednesday after school and make movies. I was a villain in a movie and it was so much fun. I was a cheer leader in another video. It was really fun making movies and, of course, hanging out with friends.

   We had an opportunity to visit Detroit to interview people at a Macul conference. It was fun because we were in Detriot and only about eight people in our class got to go, and my mom was there so I got to spend time with her. My friends were there and we would laugh, learn, and have fun! It was a great opportunity to go!

   All together, fifth grade has made me a great student, and a better person. Having fun all year and getting pushed really hard. So far, last 2008 has been the bet year ever, but now, I think that 2009 is beating it. I've had so much fun and great times. 5th grade was awesome!         



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Pretty sweet that you went to cobo hall in Detroit with 10 class-
Posted December 2, 2009 at 05:00 PM by • Napolean
Posted December 2, 2009 at 05:00 PM by • Napolean

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