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We are Gifted and Talented fourth and fifth grade classes on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by Kayla

teacher: Adam Dugger

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HELLO EVERYBODAY!!! Just to let you guys know, the way to get to myhistoryspace online is http://www.myhistoryspace.ning.com, if you want to know. (Oh and go on Jaques Marquette's page! Kay, )  I think the most challenging part was to look on everyone's page just to see what country they were born in and what country they sailed for.  I would like to accomplish adding more parts that would tell Jaques Marquette's personality. I think we should dress up like our explorer and present our ning when we're done with the project. Or have a party! My favorite part was creating the gizmoz. I loved how they came out. Anyways, got to go!


Scroll to see who I researched! Jaques Marquette!

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I am a fourth grade girl in Mr. Dugger's class. In my spare time I like to read fiction chapter books, dance ballet, and go on my e-mail. My favorite color is aquamarine and my favorite subject is writing. I was born in the fall and my favorite seasons are fall and winter. I enjoy making igloo's in my front yard with my dad and my sister.

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