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What Day of the Week Has the Most Roadkill?

                For my roadkill project I chose to study the amounts of roadkill on certain days. I wanted to see which day of the week had the most roadkill, which day had the least amount of roadkill, and if there was really a difference between days. I first started by guessing what days would have the most roadkill and what days would have the least. I thought that the weekends wouldn’t have as much roadkill as the weekdays. I thought that the weekend wouldn’t have as much roadkill because people are usually home on the weekends and aren’t traveling as much. For weekdays I thought much differently. I thought that there would be much more roadkill on weekdays because there are more drivers on the road. There are a lot of people going to work and taking their kids to school, also there would be school buses during the week.

                I collected data and tallied up the amount of roadkill for each day of an eight week period. Saturday and Sunday had a total of eight animals. Monday through Friday had a total of forty animals. Saturday had four animals and Sunday did as well. Thursday had the most with seventeen animals killed. The weekdays had more killed each day compared to Saturday and Sunday. I think my hypothesis was correct because when I tested it, it was true. 

                The results were what I had first expected to come out of the data. I thought that the weekdays definetly would have more roadkill than weekends. Everything I predicted was what happened, except for Thursday having seventeen animals killed. I think this threw off my data a little because I thought that the days would be almost equal with the amounts of roadkill. Monday had eight animals, Tuesday had five animals, Wednesday there were six animals, Thursday had seventeen animals, and Friday had four animals. I predicted that there would be about six to eight animals each day.  I think the weather might have affected the amounts of roadkill because we started in early March and that is when there was still snow on the ground and most animals were still in hibernation. I also think this was a factor because less people would be driving most likely due to road conditions. I noticed that by the time it was Easter, which was April twelfth this year, there was more and more roadkill being found.

                Next time I would predict the same thing to happen if I were doing this project at the same time of the year. If I were to study the amounts of roadkill throughout the winter in an eight week period I would expect the roadkill amounts to be significantly lower. If I were to study it in the summer for the same amount of time, I would expect the numbers of roadkill to be higher than when I did the project this time. I think the amounts of roadkill would be so much higher in the summer because the more people are traveling and there wouldn’t be snowstorms. Also all of the animals would be out of hibernation by then. The project I am working on right now is only on Rye and New Castle, New Hampshire. If I were to collect data from all of New Hampshire the numbers would be much higher because we only collected data from a couple roads. In New Hampshire there are  lots of roads, so there would be much more roadkill recorded.




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