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We are Gifted and Talented fourth and fifth grade classes on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by Dean

teacher: Adam Dugger

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If I were chosen to right the Declaration of Independence, I would choose to write it something like this.

Dear King George,

We are tired of all your unfair rules and taxes. Us patriots are declaring our independence from you. We no longer want to belong to you. We can have our own taxes, laws, and army. Most colonists are tired of these unfair rules, so we have came up with this letter to inform you that we are seperate from you and we no longer are in your control. We no longer must pay all those unfair taxes, or follow your unfair laws. We declare independence and we no longer will have anything to do with you. You had a chance to change these unfair rules. You didn't. Now we are angry. We are patriots. We have our own country now. We no longer must do everything you say. We can have our own ways of doing things, and what you have been doing is making most of the colonists upset. That's why we've decided to have revenege for these unfair taxes. Once again, we quit. This is over. We are not part of Britain. We are now part of the United States Of America!


I would have signed my name because I would be brave enough even though I would have to go to hiding for a very long time. All of the people who signed their name must go to hiding or they will be shot by the British Army.
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Hi I am a fourth grade boy. I like to look at maps. My favorite color is green. My favorite subject is Social Studies. I like studying history.

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