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Rose and Jack were playing with Max in the car, waiting to get to their new house. “Thank you thank you thank you” said Rose as they arrived. Rose saw her new house, or as she called it her “castle.”Their new house was 5 blocks away from their old apartment.

When they parked the car Rose, Jack and Max got out in a hurry.
“Mom, can you throw me the key of our house?”
“Sure sweetie” said mom. Rose’s mom threw the key and Rose opened the door and dashed inside.
“This is fabulous”, said Rose.
“I’m going to go to my room” said Jack.
“And I’m going to the kitchen,” replied Rose

When Rose reached the kitchen she saw a cabinet. It was very different from the others. They all had light brown wood, but the one she was staring at had dark brown wood and a little black wood. She was getting closer to it. 10 inches away. She reached her hand onto the cabinet opened it and saw a mouse. The mouse jumped to the floor and went out the door which was still opened. Rose looked back onto the cabinet and saw an envelope. When she reached out to take it her mom called her.

“Rose, honey, can you help your dad and I to take the bags to the living room?”
“Ya sure coming”.
She went to her mom and took two bags and held them to the living room. She opened them and started unpacking.

After a couple of hours it was 9:00 and her mom called her to eat.
“Yum” said Rose sarcastically;”You don’t like eggs and ham”.
“No mom I don’t”. She finished her plate and went to bed, and she slept. In the morning she got dressed and went to the kitchen. She didn’t spare any second.

She opened the cabinet took the envelope unfolded the paper and read the strange words aloud: “karru Mari odanna luma molono karrano”
“huh,” I said, “what kind of a sentence is that?” I heard footsteps and I knew it was mom. I put the paper in the envelope and the envelope in the cabinet and closed it. “What makes you get up so early dear?”
“Nightmares “I lied.
“Ok said mom how about we make some pancakes?” suggested mom
“Sure” I agreed. We made them and we finished mom went. I went to the living room to watch some T.V.

After a couple of hours I went to the kitchen. I cleaned a cabinet, and when I knelt down to admire my work something a squeaky noise made me stop what is that I said my heart beating faster. I slowly opened the cabinet, tried to peek inside. I opened it a little wider. A little wider. I heard the noise again, my heart was pounding now, and then it grabbed me, a dark hairy claw, it wouldn’t let go, and then I screamed.

“Jack I said you scared me to death” she said awkwardly. Then max came and he started to bark. He never barks
“What is it?” said Jack.
“Oh just and old sponge,” I said.

I knelt down and took it. Jack grabbed it
“It’s mine” he said
“no mine” I shouted then. I made a grab for him, but before I could touch him, he uttered a blood curdling scream of pain.
“OWWWWWWW he yelled you did it on purpose”.
“No I didn’t then he folded his leg with a tissue.
“Thanks a lot sis.” I went outside the house and saw dad on a ladder fixing the satellite dish on the roof.
“Hey dad oh hey Rose. I’m just fixing the satellite dish.” I told him I found a sponge. “Let’s have a look at that” he suggested. He leaned down to grab the sponge from me. I didn’t see the ladder wobble. Then he fell.
“My ankle... I think it’s broken.”
“Jack go get your dad some ice sweetie,” said mom.
“Why did you push the ladder Rose?”
“I didn’t, I swear!” Dad did not believe me, and then the strangest thing happened, the sponge laughed; “whoa ahh whoa ahh.’ When it was 9:00 P.M, I had to go to sleep.

The next day I went to school, tripped and broke a tooth.
“Oww” I said the sponge laughed. At brake Jack came running with a book.
”I found it:, he yelled breathlessly, “I found the sponge creature! In a book! I know what it is!” “What I said grabbing his shirt, I have to know.” ”Wow cool” your jets. I snatched the book from him and read the cover:”Encyclopedia of the Weird “I opened the book and saw the sponge creature, it was the same thing. I read:”
This is a grakan”
“The grakan is a mythical creature “mythical I said, that means it’s not real” keep reading Jack urged
“The grakan does not eat food or drink water instead, it gets its strength from luck…bad luck “Wow I said I kept on reading:
”The grakan has always been known as a bad luck charm””It feeds on bad luck of other people”
“The grakan becomes stronger each time something bad happens around it” this book is crazy I murmured I eagerly read more:
”Bad luck for the grakan owner never ends””the grakan cannot be killed by force or any violent means, and it cannot ever be given away or tossed aside “why not I wondered the next line gave me the answer:
”The grakan is only passed on to a new owner when an owner dies. Anyone who gives the grakan away will DIE within the day. That’s so stupid I looked at the next page. I saw a potato, oval and brown I read:
”The lanx is the cousin of the grakan but it is much more dangerous”
”Once the lanx latches on to someone, it never lets go until it has drained every drop of energy in that person.” Rose thought that was crazy then the bell rang, she said bye to Jack and went to class.
After school I dashed home with her bike and a truck came so fast it stopped at the last second.
“Are you okay” said the truck driver. “Ya good” Rose heard the sponge “Whoa ahh Whoa ahh” then the sponge started breathing hard and turned red. “That’s it” Shouted Rose. She went home, went to the garage, took an old shovel, and started digging a hole. She put the grakan in that hole and the dirt over him. Than Jack arrived and asked Rose where the sponge was.

“I buried it” I said.
“Are you insane? The book said if you throw it away or give it to someone you will die in a day.”
Rose remembered that and took the grakan out. She went to the kitchen took a knife and stabbed the grakan a lot of times. To her surprise nothing happened. “Remember said Jack you can’t kill it by force or any violent means.”

Then Rose had a great idea she took the sponge and started patting it “awn you’re so adorable” she kissed it then the grakan said “nooooooooooooooooo” and started to shrink till there was nothing. “How’d you do that” said Jack in amazement? “Well you gave me an idea when you said you can’t kill it by force or anything than I figured I’d be nice to it.” “Wow cool.”

After dinner I went to watch my hand, and I saw a potato. “OUCH” I yelled. I looked at the potato; it had a mouth full of sharp teeth.
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