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Narrator (Walking in) - Once there was girl with a life that felt like she had no friends and no one to hang out with.

Ashley (Walking in with Julia with a confused face.)- Oh, why don’t I have many friends?

Julia- Well, maybe you should meet more people and become friends with different people?

Ashley (sad)- Who would want to be my friend?

Julia (helping)- You just have to try to meet new people!

Ashley- I’ll try.

Narrator – The next day in school Ashley met to new girls named Britney and Maria.

(Brintney and Maria walk in.)

Ashley (Walking in and talking to the girls standing there.) - Hey, you want to be friends?

Maria (being nice) – Yeah, okay.

Britney (trying not to be left out)- I’ll be your friend too.

Narrator (Walking on then walking off.)- Later on that day they went to the mall.

Julia (surprised)- WOW, you took my advice and meet to new people!

Ashley- Yeah, it worked, but don’t worry I wont forget about you.

Narrator (walking on then walking off) – After finding some friends, Ashley was so happy that she ran home and told her mom and dad.

Ashley – Mom! Mom! Guess what? I found friends!

Mom- What? Oh my honey, I’m so happy for you! Tell me all about it.

Ashley- Well, I was asking Julia why I didn’t I have any friends and she told me that I should try to meet different people and so I did and I met friends.

Mom- I’m so happy for you. Just wait until your father finds out!

Narrator- Ashley’s dad came home.

Mom – Guess what? Ashley found friends!

Dad- Wow, Ashley! I’m really happy for you! Lets go out to dinner to celebrate!

Narrator (People are sitting in the back faking to eat.) – So they went. The next day at school Julia tried to talk to Addie but everyone was pulling her away. So Julia just gave up. Addie had lied to her. She did forget about her.

Julia- I can’t believe she just forgot about me.

Ashley – Hey, guys.

Narrator – That night Ashley called Julia.

Ashley – I’m so, so sorry. I know I forgot about you, and I know I shouldn’t have. I’m so sorry.

Narrator- Ashley walked over to Julia’s house and hugged her.

Both Julia and Ashley – We’re best friends forever.

Everyone- We’re all best friends forever.

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