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Animal Farm Comparison to My Heart In a Suitcase


   My class read the book Animal Farm and the play My Heart in a suitcase (Diary of a young girl).  They were a lot alike, I found many similarities in the two different things.


      The Jews felt like outsiders and as if they had no control.  Kind of like on Animal Farm when Jesse got her pups taken away and she had no control over it.  I also made a connection to when Anne’s parents died to when Boxer was taken away to the glue factory and he didn’t even know it.


   The Nazis are like the pigs they are evil/cruel but they are in control and have to much power over everyone else.  Hitler is like Napoleon he just blames things on other people/animals so that something bad will happen to someone else not him!  Old Benjamin reminded me of Anne’s father, he was cranky but was loving and joyful when Anne was leaving to go to England.  For Old Benjamin it was when Boxer was getting taken away to the glue factory not the hospital like Napoleon said Boxer was.  The mother was most like Jesse from Animal Farm the movie her child were taken away from them both.  Anne Frank is like Snowball she had to leave.  Snowball was a leader and he was to good so Napoleon drove him out with Jesse’s pups.  Anne’s best friend is like Boxer she was just following the flow and she joined the young girls Nazis club.  Them she realized that it was wrong and quit the club.


Another connection I made was they were both written/happening around the same time.  Snowball hurt himself in the first time the farmers came back like Anne’s father lost his arm in World War 1.  Both of them only got thanks for a small amount of time then they were turned on.  For Snowball it was Napoleon who turned on him first but for Anne’s father it was almost everyone Non-Jewish.


Those were the connections that I made between the book  Animal Farm and the book Diary of a Young Girl!


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