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My first wish is for pollution to stop because it is killing our earth and if it does, we won't have anywhere to live. Animals are getting extinct from it, and what was our beautiful nature, is just pretty much garbage now. Why do we even throw garbage on the ground? To be cool? Because we don't want to walk to a garbage can, 5 steps away? What we are doing to our earth, effects us too, why can't people see that?
My second wish is for starvation to stop. People all over the world are dying from it. Everyone deserves food. It makes me really sad to see people starve. We have plenty of food, but people in places like Africa or India don't have that. We shouldn't take our food for granted, instead we should give some away to people that don't have any.
My third wish is for war to stop. People risk their lives just for us, but if we just made peace and didn't fight, we wouldn't need that. Millions of people die in the war, but that wouldn't happen if we just got along.
My fourth wish is for animals to stop getting extinct, they are beautiful creatures and they should be able to live without all that bad stuff happening to them. Animals aren't any different from us, so why should they be treated differently?
My fifth wish is for nature to stay because nature is so beautiful and without the trees giving off oxygen, we wouldn't be able to breathe and would die. There used to be so many beautiful places to see, but now, there are only a few.
My sixth wish is that we could make peace. I think that it is stupid to fight. Why not just get along? That way, everyone is happier. We fight, because we can't admit we are wrong, so instead of just forgiving and forgetting, we fight. A lot of war is caused by racism. But why do we base people on looks? Black people aren't any different from white people and white people aren't any different from black people. Fighting and racism are wrong and stupid.
My seventh wish is that everyone could get educated. You need almost every subject in everyday life. For example, without math we wouldn't be able to count. How would we know when to stop, when we see a stop sign if we didn't know how to read? We need education, but a lot of people don't have that.
Our world has changed a lot over the years, but it's our choice to make the world a better place for everyone. It all begins with you!

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