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Seed Folk

By Paul Fleischman


            In Language Arts we read a book called Seed Folks, the book is about a bunch of people that live in the same part of town coming together through a garden. We were assigned to make two seed packets, after we had finished a chart then we made as we read the book we used the information from the charts to help us with one of the seed packets. One of the seed packets would be about a character in the book, their personality, how the garden helped them and what they grew in the garden. The other was about someone from our life, the personality and we picked a plant that we thought would resemble them.

            The two people I picked for my seed packets were Maricela from “Seed Folks,” and my sister.  Maricela is a 16 year old and she is pregnant she doesn’t really care anymore. The garden helps her find a purpose and by taking care of her squash it helps her prepare for taking care of her baby. For my sister I picked the flower Lily-Of-The-Valley, the flower is sweet and nice on the outside but poisonous on the inside, just like my sister.
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