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Do you think you can change the world? Maybe not, but if you at least want to change your area for the better and you need an idea or a little support, this would be a great book for you. “Seedfolks” is the name of the book and it is by Paul Fleischman. It is about a little girl that starts a small garden in a junk yard but it turns out being a huge community project. Our whole school read this book, and then we had to do a project. The first part of the project was to read the book and as we were reading it, take notes on all of the people. The second step was to pick two of the names off of the chart that we took notes on and make a row with more information about them. From there the project was to make 2 seed packets, 1 of somebody in the book and the plant they grew, and one with somebody in your life and a plant that they are most like. The seed packet had to be a piece of paper folded in half with a picture and quote of the person on the front and some characteristics and qualities that the plant and the person share. I chose Sam, who is a nice gut that plants pumpkins and my little brother who is annoying and small so I made him a Lilly of the valley.     
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