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Our 6th period class has just finished three lessons on batteries.

     In lesson 1 we got to make OUR OWN BATTERY! It was totally awesome to be able to create a battery with copper sulphate, (which was the electrolyte) a copper strip, a zinc strip, some blotter paper, (to seperate the copper and zinc strip) and a rubber band. We noticed that the light bulb we connected to our battery did not start to light until about 5 seconds later. I also had to hold the lightbulb in a certain spot for it to light. The light lasted for about 6 minutes and 42 seconds. We concluded at the end that the battery will not light without the electrolyte. Our battery made a complete electrical circuit.

     In lesson 2, we learned about the  scientist Galileo and how he expressed his idea, go in trouble, then later WE relized he was right. We also learned about the drycells and the wet cells. Wet cells use acids, sulphates, salts, etc... dry cells use NO acids but some can be recharged depending on the battery.

     In lesson 3 we learned about the rechargeable batteries. First we tryed to light the bulb but it did not light so we learned that we need to charge the battery. When a battery is charged the battery stores chemical energy which changes into electricl energy which turns into light and heat energy. Then we connected the battery to the lightbulb and it lit! We finally experimented with a little motor  which used more energy than the lightbulb and went out quicker. Our time for the lightbulb was about 21minutes and our time for the motor was about 4minutes.

     Thank you for reading this I hope yo learned a lot about batteries. BYE!!!


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hi i am from haultain school,thank for your comment about the colors on my blog.bye the way is you favorit animal a monkey.
Posted April 23, 2009 at 11:01 AM by • candy221
Posted April 23, 2009 at 11:01 AM by • candy221
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