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by teacher: gordon
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I was at my desk reading my socal studies book, it was so boring.  We were reading about the Indian's.  All of a sudden, I started day dreaming.  I was out of High School for the summer and I was thinking what Collage was going to be like.  I was going to Michigan State to study and learn about computers.  But, that was not what I wanted to do when I got out of Collage, when I got out of Collage I wanted to play for the WNBA or be a long distance runner.  During Collage I lived in a apartment building on Campus.  I really liked living in a apartment, but I wanted to try something different.  So, I decided that when I got out of Collage I would live in a house.  I ended u being in the WNBA and playing for the Detroit Shock.  I don't like big cities, so I decided to live in Laingsburg on Lake Victoria.  I had a long way to drive, but I lived close to my parents and lived on a lake.  I married a lawyer, he moved into my house with me.  We had two kids, a boy and a girl, they are twins.  The boy is a minute older and his name is Seth.  The girl is a minute younger and her name is Sabrina.  Even though Sabrina is younger, she acts like she is the boss.  No only did I play in the WNBA, but I also ran marathons.  I did pretty good at them too.  I played for a lot of WNBA teams, but when I turned 40 I decided I would retire from the WNBA.  I now worked at the Apple Store.  There, I taught people about programs on the Apple computers and gave presentations at conferences too.  Now, that I was not in the WNBA, I ran more marathons and trained harder.  My favorite marathon was probably the Disney one.  In the Disney marathon you run through the parks and along the way there are characters.  That was probably my kids favorite marathon too, because they got to come with me.  After the race my family and I spent one more week in Disney just having fun.  All of a sudden, I heard a voice, oh no!  I t was my teacher asking me a question.

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I like to play sports my favorite sports are basketball and running. I also have a dog and a cat. I mostly run 5k's.

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