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April 15, 2009

What I think about the WASL is I     don’t like the WASL. I don’t even know why we take it. I mean it is not for a grade so why should we take it.

And the subjects are reading and math. We already did the reading part. I hope when we get the math part it is going to be easy. I am already good at math. So I think the math is going to be easy for me. But I don’t know about the other kids.

The WASL means Washington Assessment of Student learning. And that is what I think about the Wasl.

April, 16, 09

Today we started a new subject, it is math. It is so easy it is not hard. Today’s snack was carrot and cheese sticks but no juice. The cheese had High School Musical. I don’t know if other school takes the WASL. Mr. A said I wonder if other schools take it and what they call it.

I don’t know what kind of snack we are having tomorrow.

April, 17, 09

What I think about the WASL today is that it is every body finished today and that is good. Today’s snack was some juice, ritz bits, and some of the oranges from the first time we started. All of our subjects were reading math.

All I think about the WASL is that it was fun and boring. Especially when you get done early. And that is what I think about the WASL.   
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Hi my name is Sofia. I am an 8 year old girl. I have 1 dog 2 cats and I might get a puppy in Hawaii and I like watermelon and pizza. And my favorite animal is a monkey.

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