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This poster explains the process of acid rain. Acid rain is started by pollution. Power plants burn coal and oil, which releases nitrogen oxide and sulfuric dioxide. Other pollutants like cars and airplanes put out these gasses also. When these gasses mix with moisture in the air such as clouds, and with heat from the sun, they create acids. These acids are called nitric acid and sulfuric acid. When the clouds precipitate, the acids mix with the rain and fall down with the rain. This causes metal to rust, and the acids also eat away at limestone and marble. They also turn the leaves on the tree to change color, like they do in the fall, even though it is not the fall. Acid rain can also create dead lakes by basically poisoning the water so that it is not suitable for any plants or animals to live in.


Even though this sounds bad, there are some solutions. One is to reduce pollution. We can do this by finding alternate energy sources, like wind, solar, and hydro power. We can also use less energy by turning off the lights when we aren’t using them, changing our car to a less polluting one, or just simply driving our car less by walking or carpooling. There are lots of different things we can do to reduce pollution, and reduce acid rain.
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