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We are Gifted and Talented fourth and fifth grade classes on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by AJ

teacher: Adam Dugger

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On the vacation I might wite three books about bakugan and some of the legendary battles they have. The book titles are darkus vs. subterra, darkus vs. Haos, darkus vs aquos, darkus vs. ventus, darkus vs. pyrus, and bakugan, the ultimate battle. The chracters are named Dan , Runo , Julie, shun, marucho, and Masqurade (MASK-UR-ADE). Pyrus means fire, Aquos means water, Haos means light, Subterra means earth, Ventus means wind, and Darkus means darkness. Those are the six books I'll be making over the break. More info on these books after the vacation.
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I am a boy in 4th grade. My name is AJ. My favorite color is gold. In my spare time I like to play halo 3 on my xbox 360 My favorite subject is math. Things I also like to do is do Tae Kwon Do,and play baseball. That's my life.

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