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by CN teacher: Elise Mueller
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     Running Deer tod me about something that happened yesterday or a couple days ago called the battle of Lexington. 

     It started when the British Army came to check over the weapons of the colonists.  The night they heard the proclamation Paul Revere rode to all the towns within 20 miles of the place the British were going to come and warned them.  The British traveled by water during the night.  Paul Revere never finished his ride but one of his accompaniments finished for him.    In the north tower of Boston there were two lanterns lighted to warn everybody of the raid.  They did not call out the British are coming they used the words regular instead because they considered themselves British also. 

     The next morning when the British attacked they met a fight by a few minutemen and killed a few of them.  They continued on to a small bridge, and at the bridge stopped.  There Thomas Gage had ordered troops to meet the British.  They were up on a hillside overlooking the bridge.  When the saw the fire on the ammunitions they thought it was their houses burning and started the battle. 

     The battle went on and when finished 3 killed and 8 wounded for the British and the colonists had about 5 killed and about same amount wounded.  The British retreated to the other side of the river and the colonists stayed put. 

This was the beginning of the battle or disagreements.


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Chief Attakullaculla's daughters Wenoah, Wyanet and Tallulah are living in the Cherokee tribe during the Revolutionary War. Wenoah is 11 winters old, Tallulah is 12 and Wyanet is 13.

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