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Symbolism is unarguably one of the most important literary techniques for keeping interest.  It allows the reader to stay involved by predicting future events in a storyline.  The most common method of this device is by many small hints placed throughout that create continuity when joined.  So how is symbolism used in the novel, Chanda’s Secrets?

Its main examples seem to be when the reader is trying to predict who has aids.  The clues grow exponentially, in that each prediction and answer, in fact, paves way for the next mystery.  The first example in these regards was how Sarah died.  The reader is able to predict this by the described symptoms of her death juxtaposed with the symptoms of Esther’s parents’ deaths.  Conveniently, these two are place near each other in the plot.  This answer creates another mystery of how Sarah receiver her ailment.  The only possibility seems to be from her mother, which becomes the next foresight.  After Jonah is found to have it, this almost confirms the theory.  A final use is with Esther.  When she reveals in puzzles that tourists have been involved in this sort of activity with her, this implies that she may get aids.

Symbolism can have many structures; in this case it’s a pyramid of information style.  Without it, much of the fun of reading would be removed.  Overall, however, it should be used sparingly, since if plotlines are too obvious, there is no point in reading on to get answers.

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