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Revolutionary War

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teacher: Elise Mueller

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I just held a meeting of the sons of liberty, a small but growing society of protesting colonists, and told them my thoughts on the stamp act. Treacherous! I said, a friend participating volunteered the idea that we fight back. I understand that eventually that is what it will come to, but I told him first to show signs of rebellion. So we ventured forth with protests, and petitions, and boycotts. Finally one group made a grass scarecrow like figure of a tax collector and hung it from one of the trees in Town Square. We now call the tree the liberty tree. Later they burned his personal items and terrorized his property.
I had another meeting and we rallied the “troops” to go to Town Square, and we faced off the Bloodybacks, we yelled and began throwing snowballs, mind you it is winter, a wave of slaves and protesters ran forward and then a gun went off. Followed by many others. A slave named Crispus Attucks was killed along with three others; two were wounded and died the next day. Young Crispus was the first to die in the closing and seemingly unavoidable fight for our freedom.
I must go to another meeting.
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