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Our goal is to incorporate blogging as another learning tool to explore ideas and reflect upon our educational experiences.

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In exibition this week, we worked as much as we could to get back up information on our questions we have already finished. Soon, we were ready to work on the props. I began working on writing the script for the movie, Madison and Korina began working on brochures, and Lillian and Johana are still getting background research. We still have not met with our mentor this week. We will soon, though. Senora Valladares has been busy, so Mrs. Wilson has been our back up mentor. She says we need to find out why we are harming the animals, how we are doing it, who does it mainly, etcetera. We have been working on that with our back ground research. Mrs. Wilson says that we have a chance of being the best in the whole class. The next day, Madison was really sick. We had to work without her. The whole week she has been absent, but that didn't stop us from doing our best. When she came back, I read all of our notes and they were really good. Exibition is going GREAT!!
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