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1. Misty of Chincoteague; Marguerite Henry
I really thought it turned into an adventure when 2 children decided to tame the wildest horse on the island, Misty’s mother.

2. Paint the Wind; Pam Munoz Rian
There was a real problem when Maya was trapped in the wilderness with a broken ankle!
3. Chase; Jessie Haas
It was a mystery when someone was spying on a boy named Phin. Phin was wondering why he was being spied on.
4. Julie of the Wolves; Jean Craighead George
I liked it when Julie found a way to talk to wolves when she was lost on the tundra.
5. The Black Stallion; Walter Farley
I loved the description in this book.
6. The Young Black Stallion; Steven Farley
I love how they talk about the black stallion when he was still a foal back in Arabia.
7. White Fang; Jack London
This book had a lot of action in it.
8. King of the Wind; Marguerite Henry
There was a lot of mysteries, action and excitement in this book!
9. Justin Morgan Had a Horse; Marguerite Henry
I think this is a very detailed story.
10. Black Star, Bright Dawn; Scott O’Dell
It was a real surprise when a moose came running right at Bright Dawn. This book was full of surprises!

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