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I was part of the Navigation Team. My responsibilities were to find landing spots and distances. The most important job was to find the diameter of the sun, moon, and earth. I also had to determine a landing spot for our spacecraft.

Most of my job was basic copying from the computer and following directions but I guess the hardest part was determining the exact location in latitude and longitude because it is almost never exact and you almost have to guess on the line it is on.

I think I did everything right. I only know that because everything I did worked out. We landed safely and the mission was a success.

But there were some other jobs I want to do. I only wanted to do them for a while, then I realized there is a fun part of every job. The Navigation position is mostly work. You don’t get to do many things, like some people got to use robots or test things. I didn’t. I got to work on a map and at my computer.

I wouldn’t fool around in the glove box for anyone who works with it. My friend from another mission said the glovebox will smoke up if you play around.

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