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So, on thursday the 19th, my girl scout troop went to Google (the makers are in seattle) 
I just hhad the best time! it was so much fun we got a tour of all the floors and desk's, room and everything in the building! i would love to work there! then we had trivia our team name was (the Google-ites) we won the challenge with 8 wins!
then after that we went on a scaventure hunt thoughout the whole office area.
Then we had workshops, 1. we learned how internet works by like going to google.com so it has to go to the root name server then to the .com nameserver then finally to google.om, and we learned
when internet is slow that means alot of people are on that website and tomany people for the servers to do at once!
2. then we went to where they interview people that buy and use the products. the have this really cool computer that tracks your eyes so they can tell if your lying or if you really do like the prduct. then you switch and we go in the room next to
it and sit and watch the other kids use it and find something on google.
and 3. we learned how codes works and a new laguage (star).!
Well i had a blast at it if you have any questions or comments comment on it and ill comment you back!
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