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In grade 4 the students of 4H learn many things with a curriculum focus on literacy. Blogging will give students an opportunity to comment and respond to their reading online, reaching a larger audience with more flexibility.

by Federico

teacher: Andrew Skinner

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Dear M.r Andrew,

Hello!How are you?I hope you're fine.

I just finished reading goosebumps # 26."My hariest adventure.It is about a boy,Larry boyd that finds a bottle of"Insta-tan".He and his friends rub it on their whole body.In the following days hair starts to grow on Larry's hands,palms and after in the end in his whole face! Later he finds a dog.It has Lily's gold pirate coin.He later realizes that the dog has a blue eye and a green eye! Just like Lily!In the end larry finds out that some shots he's been taking are actually a serum injected in dogs to make them look like people! Larry is really a dog and then roams around town with his other human friends who were also dogs!I'm going to share some of the thinking here.

Where Larry finds Lily as a dog I predicted that he was going to take Lily to his doctor and, take a picture of the human lily for proof that something was wrong with them.It was actually wrong.

I found out that there is a connection within the book.his friends called him "Hairy Larry".He ends up being really hairy.As a dog!

I made a connection with the movie Coraline. in the move a character is really a ghost/witch.In this book Larry is really a dog!

Another thing i noticed is that this book is a bit different.It ends with the truth.A scary truth.

My last peice of thinking is:I noticed that at the beggining of the story Larry was much braver.He wasn't afraid that his friends called him"Hairy Larry".At the middle of the book he was actually afraid that his friends teased him about the wierd hair that was growing on him.

That's all my thinking for now.


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