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We are 5th graders at Palmer Elementary. We love blogging and using technology to improve our literacy skills!

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“Penguin” Resolutions 1/30/09
By~ SB ☺
Why do you think resolutions are important? There are some resolutions I am going to do. These are my promises of the new year of 2009. I’m committed to do more activities outside, to fight less with my brother, and to read more. That is what I am going to do. Keep READING to find out how I’m going to be
New and improved this year this year.

What are your resolutions? There is a personal improvement for me to commit to. I am going to stop sitting inside, I am going to go outside! But, the question is how? I have came up with what, where, when, and how.
What and how I am going to do it is I will swim, ride my bike and lodes more. Where? Well, anywhere there is enough room!! I will go outside after school, and the weekends. I hope going outside more will help me with becoming a better hope for my resolutions. In this New Year I will achieve my goals. There is a relative resolution that is going to help me. This year my brother and I will fight less. I want this to happen because we would be less hurt, which would make me happier. My brother's and my relationship has been getting worse over the years. I hope by doing this there will be one less thing to worry about.
There’s a telltale that there is a lion with a thorn in his foot the lion tries to get it out but he could not. Then a mouse comes and the lion is about to eat him then the mouse says he will get it out for him if he cannot he may eat him. So the mouse gets it out and the lion does not eat him. I hope my reading will do me some good like the mouse got for pulling out the thorn. I have a school-based resolution that I hope will help me. I want to do this because I want to keep being a great reader and writer. I will do it on weekdays mostly but I will do it on weekends too! I shall read about an hour a day for at least three to five days. I will do it in and outside of school, mostly chapters to stay at my level. I will do this for myself not anyone else.

T put it all together, there are many ways I could become a better me. But I will start it out simple. I shall get outside, me and my brother will get along better, and last but not the least is I will read more. I have got off track for a while, so wish me luck on this!! I promise to do this with a little help from you.

PS I hope you have made some resolutions too!!
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