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A cozy little stop where, technology in language arts, history and geography, meld together for Room 301 students at Deer Park.

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Yes Man is a great movie about a guy who realizes there are things waiting for you out there if you are willing to accept them. The main character is played by Jim Carrey (Carl) and the movie is based on a young man who is divorced, and in order to avoid his ex-wife, he stays locked in his apartement and avoids all social engagements. His life begins to work in a boring circle. He would go to work and then he would come back home and watch DVDs all night long. He was getting used to his new life until his friend decided he needed to live again and took Carl to an inspirational guru, Terrence Bundley. There in public, he promised that he will say yes to every opportunity that presents itself and he will never say no to a request or opportunity. His life suddenly changes because of his new way of living. His friendship with his friends become stronger and his feeling towards himself starts being positive as well. Watch this movie to find out more about how Carl's life has completely turned. It is a movie filled with humour, so I gurantee you that you will enjoy this movie.

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I am Sangeun, and I enjoy doing a whole bunch of stuff. I do some sports outside of school, which are swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. I enjoy all three, and I hope to continue doing it. Aside from that, I love reading. I mostly read fiction books(I find them more interesting), and that is pretty much about it. Have fun looking at my blog!

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