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We are a 6th grade class that is piloting a 1:1 laptop program using MacBook computers. We blog, Skype, make Wiki pages, produce digital videos, podcasts and vidcasts.

by Camila

teacher: Brian Crosby

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Today we went to the Reno Bike Project and saw Kyle and Noah. They gave us a tour of the place and told us a little bit about the things they do over there.
They also showed us some of their tools and the place where they let people use them for free or charge them three dollars an hour. They talked to us a little bit more about their goal is and also the kinds of people that go and get a bike.
The bikes that they sell are really cheap, like some are between one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars. They also have many kinds of parts and bikes. Their are bikes for older people and younger people too. Kyle explained to me and some other people on how some of their tools work and what that tool is used for.
Kyle also told me that once a year they have an art show to raise money and that people that want to make a peace of art could submit it and some one who likes it could buy it. He told us that last year there was about two hundred people that came and that one peace of art they had in their shop was given to them and he cool thing about it was that it’s a chair made out of bike parts and that this year the art show is going to be on April 25th.
It was an honor to be able to go and see Kyle and Noah because I am really excited to be able to help them get more bikes donated and I hope I see them again soon.
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