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Caution Haiku Deadly 03/31/10

What did you observe when the salt and water were combined?
When I stirred the salt and water together, the salt almost completely dissolved into the water. Only some tiny particles swirled at the bottom. But that probably was because I didn’t stir long enough. It could also have been that I put in too much salt, or too little water.

How did the water and the salt change when they were combined in the cup?
They nearly turned into a solution, (Instead, it was a mixture - it probably would have turned all the way into a solution if I stirred it longer) and together, they got at least 1g heavier.

How did measurement help you describe the changes?
Measurement is a lot more accurate that trying to describe it with regular words. You could say ‘It weighed a lot more’, but the person you are describing your results to might misunderstand you.

What have you learned about the properties of salt when you add it to water?
I learned that salt dissolves in water, but if there is too much salt, the water will hold as much as it can, and there will be some salt crystals at the bottom that could not fit in with the others. I also learned that salt is denser than water, because the salt sinks to the bottom, before dissolving.

How does experimenting with a solution of salt and water help you to understand the properties of salt and/or water?
You could discover that ‘dissolving in water’ is a property of salt with water. It would be impossible to find that property without using water. There are many properties like that.
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