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teacher: Michael Sandridge

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Hannah Moldovan

Jessie just wanted to have some fun.So to fix that problem she got her old scrached  barbie CD she got from her aunt last Christmas.She put the CD in her moms gray,black,and purple radio.She picked number 7 because thats how old she was.When the music started playing she carefuly got on her table because  it can wiggle like a worm.She started to do a new dance she calls the Jessie.When she got half way through the song her mother said in a voice that sounded like thunder stop jumping on the table or elese your going to  break it!Jessie got off the table as fast as lighting.Then she went under her wiggly table with three diffreant colared and diffreant sized pots.The small pot was gray the medium pot was red and the large pot was green.She got two wooden spoons and started hiting the pots with the wooden spoons her mom said stop that noise!Jessie got up and got a peice of paper,some red gooy paint,a blue paint brush,and a white paper  plate with purple flowers on it.She put some red paint on the paper plate and started to make red dots on the paper.Her mom said thats it go to your room!Jessie stomped all the way to her room.She layed on her bed and saw her amagonaiton apear on the wall.She thought about running away so she jumped into the picture and was never seen again.THE END

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