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teacher: Michael Sandridge

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The jungle on the ceiling became real with red flowers, dark brown cocnuts, and light blue skies. But, the girl's favorite thing were all the brown furry monkeys. The girl's mom thought she was making all the noise and told her to be quite. "But, I didn't do anything!" she said. her mom didn't belive her doughter and didn't talk to her doughter all day. Her doughter got so mad that she ran away to a real jungle and left a note for her mom. She learned how to speek monkey and be one too. She was an exbert fisher.The most kind of fish, she caught were neptuna.The rarest fish in the jungle. But, back home her mom wanted to talk and saw the jungle her mom felt bad and wanted to say sorry . But, the girl wasn't there, her mom found the note it said
"Dear mom,
You were too mean to me. So, I'm running away to a real jungle. There my REAL family will respect me. But, so you can here from me. I will sent a lettar every week.
Bye forever,
yours turly"
The girl kept her word at first and her mom got a lettar every week, than she got fewer and fewer, than one day the lettars stopped coming. The girl had forgot how to write. She had a good life now and no one bossed her around. One day she missed the life she used to have and went home. Her mom was so happy to see her doughter and was never meen like 3 years ago. But, now the girl was a teenager and didn't like kid stuff. So, she got a boyfriend they got married and had 6 kids. Then they all lived happly ever after! =D
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