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teacher: Michael Sandridge

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  Hannah M                                    As the girl layed on her white comfortable bed with flowers on her conforter. She looked up at herwhite ceiling. Her mom always told her that she never had a bright imagination, but as she was looking up at her ceiling in her light brown bear suit the ceiling started to paint colorful flowers, painted forest greens vines, and tree tops that were a light green color. The air in her room smellled like a real forest. It smelled like wet lion and the vines were crisp. The light brown freckled face girl in a light brown bear suit shivers down her sensitive back. She she was scared, but at the same time she felt happy in a way. She thought that she could go in her ceiling with her imagination, so she closed her dark brown eyes and thought. She laughed when her long eye lashes touched her cold tan skin. She went into her ceiling . When she opened her eyes she saw that she was in her ceiling. Then something caught her eye. It was a dark and light red rose with a forest green stem and dark brown thorns. She also saw a light green boa slither across the tall grass,a black and white zebra galloping,a gray, blue elephant stomping, and a female black jauguar creeping closer to the little girl. After a couple of hours she had already bonded with all of the  and animals and became queen of her ceiling. The mom of the little girl could care less if the little girl was gone and the mom adopted a little girl that looked exaclty like her so that the mom's husband wouldn't be curious.


             THE END

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