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teacher: Michael Sandridge

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Bad Bear!

One day I felt like dressing up as a bear. I did it. I wanted to dance on my kitchen table. I did it. I painted with my favorite color red. Ha-Ha I got some red paint on my nose. I looked silly. My mom did not want me doing any of this. I tryed on different kinds of capes and ran around like super man. Once again my mom did not want me doing this stuff. I did it any way. I put a bucket on my head. My mom said, Go to your room!! I got so mad. I ploped down on my bed and looked at the ceiling. I pictured me being outside in my backyard rolling around in the grass with the buitiful butterflys flying around me. In my head to my self I said, if I did not do all that stuff I could go out side and play. I am a bad bear! I changed back into my regular clothing. (for all you bears out there that costume is not regular clothing for humans) My dad came home later that night from work. My mom told dad all about what happend. For dinner we had the most delicious, buttery food in the whole world. It is my most favorite food. !!GRILLED CHEESE!! I was done with it 10 minutes faster than my parents. They took 11 minutes! That means that I took 1 minute! I was smart not to do any thing crazy the next day. Now I can go outside. By the way, I am sorry for banging on the pots and pans yesterday. I know it was loud. I still had some red paint on my nose. I looked like roudolph yesterday. I laugh about that now. Already.

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