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  • What did you observe when the salt and water were combined?

When I just dumped the salt in the water the salt sank straight to the bottom meaning that the density was more than water.  When I stirred the water though, the salt started to turn into a solution.

  • How did the water and the salt change when they were combined in the cup?

They turned into a solution which means that the salt dissolved so that you could no longer see the particles and the water was clear/see through. 

  • How did measurement help you describe the changes?

Well there is not that big of a way to describe the changes but I think the water probably rose a little bit because more mass plus mass equals a bigger bit of mass and that is something I could measure.  Another thing I could measure or that helped me measure was that the salt particles went from about 2or 3 millimeters to microscopic so that you could not see them anymore and that you knew that the mixture was also a solution.

  • What have you learned about the properties of salt when you add it to water?

When you just plain dump salt into water it stays in the same circumstances as it started in, but when you mix it with water it turns into a solution.

  • How does experimenting with a solution of salt and water help you to understand the properties of salt and/or water?

It helps you because a property is something that you can recognize any mass or object by and so salt turning into a solution is a way to recognize salt and therefore it is a property and that property can lead to more and more and more properties.

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