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Peace is Spiffiy

Alumni 2008-09

by AYW

teacher: Elise Mueller

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Time 4:34pm date November 10th place Australia! There was once a boy named Bob he was 12. Bob loved snow but he lived in Australia so there was little or no snow in the winter so Bob was left with sorrow and loneliness for his snow. One day his adopted mother, (his parents died in car crash) Sarila told him they were moving to New Zealand's South Island were he new there was a lot of snow but it would take a long time to get even packed because he had 8 other brothers and sisters, Lara 7, Layla 9, Monika 13 (his really sister), Serenity 16, and Jojo 2 were his sisters and his brothers were Koki 5, Mark 11 (his really brother), and Hiko 10. Any way they were on the boat by the next day all packed and ready to go! When they were in there room on the boat they had one roommate but he was sleeping or they hoped he was any way because it looked like he wasn’t breathing, then he got up and he was really tall so tall that he hit his head on the top bunk but it didn’t seen to bother him his hair was long almost as long as Bobs sister Serenitys and her hair touched her waist! He had big lips and a small nose, ears that stuck out like a elephants, big bulgy mussels but it was something about his eyes that made him seen friendly and it made him look like he talked a lot, the moment he pulled back his long black hair in a pony tail he started talking… “hi my name is Cookie and you are?” and we all introduced are self’s as fast as we could because it looked like he was going to burse out talking if we didn’t stop talking right now “oh that great hey where are you from any way? But we had no time to talk because he took over again “oh cool I’m a doctor hey can you stick out your tongue and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh?” “Well I don—“ Hiko said but he stuck it in his mouth any way the rest of his family smirked and he so he frowned then they all said at the same time “I think we should go to bed”… and so they all got in to there pajamas put in their ear plugs because Cookie wouldn’t stop talking. After about 2 hours they fell asleep.
For the next week or so they went through the same routine as the first day on the boat just different words and they ate…with Cookie. The next day they arrived at their destination! Time 3:34pm date November 26th! They packed their bags and said bye to Cookie he hugged all of us and wouldn’t stop crying but their mom pulled them out of his arms and we walked away saying “good-bye” and that’s the end of my story!!!
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