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My Creepy Winter Story
Snow, snow, snow! Oh how I love snow! Snow reminds me of the time my friends Austin, Jacob and I; made our way to the top of Ice Ice Baby Mountain to find a rumor called The Worlds Best Ice Cream (It’s good even when it’s cold.)
And here’s what happened. Pay attention; because I’m only gonna say it once.
Finally, Winter vacation came! I was having both Ozz (Austin) and Jacob over to my house, when Jacob tripped on a bug. Ozz and I laughed until we keeled over rolling in the dirt. Jacob got up and started chasing us around the field. When he was done trying to throw us in an oven, we got on the bus that would take us to my house.
When we got to my house, we went to my room. We had heard rumors at school about the Worlds best Ice cream at the top of Ice Ice Baby Mountain. We decided to see if the rumors were true. We set off, leaving a note telling my parents saying we would be back for dinner. I also said to give Sophie (my dog) a hug from me. Then we loaded up on our weapons. I took my wooden table leg, Ozz took a hammer and Jacob took some air freshener. Plus, each of us took a flamethrower. (I had no idea where those had come from, really!) Then we set off.
We took a cab to the bottom of Ice Ice Baby Mountain when we got off, Jacob tripped on a bug. Oh I love that! I’ll say it again. Then Jacob tripped on a bug. Okay, okay, no more, no more. We started to hike up the mountain. We came upon a sign that said, “INTRUDERS WILL B EATEN.”
“Good thing we’re not intruders!” Ozz said. Then we hiked up some more. But then, right in front of us, erupted from the ground, a dozen killer snowmen holding forks and knives with napkins! We guessed that they weren’t part of the welcoming committee. We instantly held up our flamethrowers and blasted them with flames so hot; they would’ve melted into a puddle of goo. But instead the snowmen stood unfazed by the flames. Their eyes glowed with hate.
“Ohhh, we’re in trouble now,” I said.
“No we’re not!” Ozz said. He whipped out his hammer and lunged at the snowmen. I pulled out my wooden stick and began whacking the snowmen like there was no tomorrow! Jay (Jacob) just stood there like a dead fish. Nothing seemed to work against the snowmen. Then Jay whipped out his air freshener and began spritzing them with super cool air. Surprisingly, the snowmen began wailing in agony. The air freshener had begun to melt Frosty’s alter ego brethren. Soon the snowmen had been reduced to a puddle. All that was carrots, rocks, plus forks, knives with wet napkins. Jay smiled mischievously.
“You should start listening to me more,” Jay told us proudly. He walked a little more up the hill, only to trip on a bug. Ozz and I looked at each other.
“Yeahhh… no.” Ozz said.
We walked more and more up the mountain. Soon, we could see the top.
“Yes!” I said. “We’re almost there!” We broke out into a sprint. We could see the Ice cream. But just as it seemed like we were so close, the ground erupted sending us flying backward. L. Out of the hole that had erupted, crawled out an enormous 15 foot tall Abominal Snowman! It charged us. We quickly scattered.
“Hey ugly!” Ozz yelled. Your mama is twice as ugly as you are today!” The colossal giant turned toward Ozz and roared at him.
“NOBODY INSULTS MY MOTHER!” The giant roared. It charged us again. Jay ran toward it holding his air freshener. But evidently, Jay tripped on a bug. The giant must’ve been taken by surprise, because it didn’t stop in time. The giant tripped over Jay and tumbled over the side of the cliff and rolled into an enormous snowball that tumbled to the bottom of the mountain before the snowball broke. We sat there in the snow, mouth agape.
“What the heck happened?” I said.
“Forget what happened; let’s just get the ice cream.” Ozz said. We scrambled to get it. We each scooped some up. Jay pulled out some cones. We put the ice cream on our cones. We said our “Thank you dear God” prayers. Then we each took a bite. It was the most sweetest thing I have ever tasted. (And that’s saying a lot.) We ate some more. We ate so much that we were rolling on the ground because of brain freeze. Then we headed home.
Well I still miss the taste the taste of the Ice cream. But you know what they say, “Tis better to have loved and lost then better to not love at all!
Note: No snowmen were actually harmed in the making of this film!
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Why is it called Ice Ice Baby mountain???
Posted January 23, 2009 at 01:50 PM by • lw
Posted January 23, 2009 at 01:50 PM by • lw

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