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You have never felt pain until you do what I had to do on 12/6/08, unless you have gone to boot camp or the army which I doubt a 5th grader has gone to.
On Saturday, I woke up at 6:00 am and began my warm stretches. Then, at 8:00 I went on the treadmill and I ran a mile in 6 min and 37 sec, then, I did 2 sets of 25 and 100 sit ups straight.
Then, we went to Lake Padden. We were the first ones there, so I stretched some more because it was 31 degrees and I didn’t want to get a cramp. Then, Kyle showed up, I’ll tell you about him later in the story. Then, my sifu came, sifu means father in karate. He brought his two sons Donty and Eric and another person named Felipa who was testing for his black belt too, I’ll tell you about them in the story too.
Then, we started to run. I was In front but unfortunately I was running to fast and I lost my breath and fell back to last. But luckily couch George rode up to me on his bike and told me a story that I will tell you later. Right about the end, I started to think about mt.school and remembering what they said, “always stop and look at the scenery” The scenery was great, but I couldn’t stop now. I was almost done. Then at the final stretch, I ran so hard it felt like angels were pushing me forward and then, I passed the finish line and I ran Lake Padden in 25 min.
Now all those people I told you about, now I’m going tell you about them, starting with Kyle. Kyle ran the lake in 24 min. And he has long dark red curls. He also has an older brother named Justin that well test for his black belt in six months.
Now I’ll tell about you about Felipa. He is fairly and lien. He ran the lake in 23 min. when we ran I could always know where he was because of his white T-shirt.
Now I’ll tell you the story that couch Gorge told me. So when we were going around the lake I ask him “have you ever gone around this lake before?” and he answered “only once, when I was your age (10) I was walking around the lake and I accidentally waked on to a horse trail and I got lost, but luckily I got home before dark.”
The next part was the most challenging part of the test, the warm ups, I know it does not sound hard but it was very hard for every –one. First it started out easy but of course as all starts easy but progress to get harder. When sifu got back from getting food I was sweating and breathing hard.
The rest is to secret for me to tell you so I guess this is good by

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Outstanding, because I know something of what you went through to become a 1st Degree Black Belt, and because your article explains what you can tell very well and held my interest.

Keep developing your obvious skills in story telling using the written word.
Posted January 23, 2009 at 04:06 PM by • Grandpa Jim
Posted January 23, 2009 at 04:06 PM by • Grandpa Jim
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