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This is a the begining of a story By Ak and Kd.



    One fine March day two tigers were born to a dwindling species, and their mother Janalaa was lucky that they were so healthy.

As I opened my eyes for the first time I saw a world full of color, not black like I had been seeing for the last 16 days The reason the tiger had been seeing black for the last 16 days was that tigers cannot see for the first 16 days of their life. I saw the green of the bushes and trees and red of the berries on the bushes outside our den, brown of our den, blue of the sky and then the golden yellow of a sun beam that settled on my mother’s kind and aged face. In the middle of this beautiful world me my sister and mother huddled in a ball not knowing what was going to happen or when. We were content as we were in this big jungle with dangers unknown and us barely anything in this world.

I learned later that my sister was named Laani and I was called Saranga (Sarana).


Chapter 1

More family stripes


All we really did the first few weeks of life was sleep and drink milk fro­­­­­­m mother. All I really remember in these few weeks was the feeling of warm milk in my mouth and drifting off to sleep with with a full belly.

One day though things happened a bit unusually. My sister Saranga and I were asleep and then I woke up because the warm body that had been beside me a little while ago had moved. I opened one eye dazed and then opened the other eye immediately. My mother was not next to me and instead of my mother there was a big huge muscled tiger that smelled somehow familiar even though I had never in my life seen any other tiger than me my sister and mother. This tiger was not lying down and cuddling like my mother usually would, this tiger was lurking around in the bushes. I was so afraid because never before had anything come near other than a bird when my mother was off hunting. I did not know what to do so I kicked my sister to get her awake. She got up with a few purrs but I shut her up quickly by telling her about the strange tiger in the bushes. Father tigers do not stay with the mother for the birth of the children, but leave to wander their teritory. I tried to show her the tiger but the tiger was gone and she thought it was all made up and that I had just seen an orange bird fly by and thought it was a tiger, but I knew the truth.

Later that morning when mom got back from hunting I told her about the big tiger. When I explained him she got a quick look of worry on her face but then her face turned back to normal and she said "Oh I think you were just imagining it because no other tigers ever come here". But I insisted that mom had to make a check around. After lunch of a young gazelle (which was delicious and tender) we set of to search for any evidence. Sure enough there was proof, excrement, scratches on a big tree and a unknown scent that was definitely tiger but not ours. Mom concluded that it must have been our father and that we should not be scared just aware.

He came every other day but stayed at a fair distance getting further each time he passed through.

I got use to the fact of our father being around but I was very intent on meeting him so one night when I was supposed to be asleep. I was thinking and made up my mind to go out and actually meet him. That morning when my mother was away hunting I told Saranga my idea. Saranga agreed and we started planning. We agreed that the best time to go was the next morning at dawn when mother would go hunting for us and our father would be arriving in a few minutes. So the when our mother came back from hunting we ate and went on normally but the truth was that all we could think about was the next morning and meeting our father. That night I could barely sleep but when we finally got to sleep I dreamed of my father and what he must be like.

In the morning I woke up to Saranga kicking me and I knew it was time to go. As I figured out later my mother had just left as I woke up and that no time had been lost since saranga had been up hours before me waiting for my mother to leave to hunt. We left for the meadow where he would enter our teritory (as well as his).

When we got there we hid in some bushes on the edge of the medow to hide and wait. It was good we got there so early because after a minute of hiding he emerged from the forest his big majestic body was walking across the field and for a second I forgot what we were doing and just was hypnotized but then I remembered what we were there for and I got out of my daydreaming impulse and started on our plan. We had decided that I would stay in the bushes and make sure it was a good time well saranga would come out of the bushes right infront of his path and pretend I was hurt. Then I would come out of the bushes pretending we were still playing and see our father and pretend to be afraid and run away from him well saranga would try to limp after me and not make it.

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