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If we are not prepared be to wrong, we will never come up with anything original. Sir Ken Robinson

by Soccer_Goalie teacher: 7th grade & Ms.Durff

It is necessary to be literate. Literate means smart and that is what we all should be. The reason why we should be literate is because we learn more and are prepared for the future. God made us start from a little baby so we learn as we grow. This is why God created sin to choose if we will do right or wrong. Hopefully we all make good choices.

I descibe a literate person as smart. They must watch alot of news or something cause they really out wiz me. That would be cool if they were born smart. Maybe their parents just are smart or its in their blood.

Its really hard to describe literate. I guess you could say their really really smart. I can say im literate. I like being goofy around my friends but when its time to stop i pay attention. Teachers are literate since they have special decrees or something.

Literate could also be goofy. Sometimes scientific words make you laugh. Im pretty sure their latin. The reason why is because my step mother is in colledge. Some words are long and weird.

A literate person in my image are classy. Sourd of like millonheirs and their expensive houses. Always drinking water out of their fancy glasses. Its like their spoiling theirselves. My parents spoil me.

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