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Happy New Year everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well. It is now 2009 and we have a great year to look forward to.

1.  Reading Logs ~ please have your children read for 2 hours this week.  I have asked all students to keep track of what they read in their reading logs and then come to you for a signature.  This will be due on Wednesday, January 14

2.  Writing ~ This weeks adventure is titled A Walk in My Shoes and will require a parent signature as well.  I have asked students to submit all four pages of their work ~ their final copy, rough draft, planning page, and original directions will be due on Wednesday.

3.  Spelling Challenge due on Wednesday ~ this marks the last week of the states and their capitals.  The following week the children will be quized on All Fifty states and their capitals and be asked to identify the correct location of the states on a blank map.  There is a copy of a United States map in their text book and some interactive map activities that I have bookmarked in Blackboard.

4.  Science ~ the students will have started this assignment in class but what they do not finish will be for homework.  Read pages 82-88 in their text books and answer questions 1-6 on a seperate piece of paper.

5.  Math ~ review questions on fractions.  GCF, LCD, Adding Fractions, and Comparing Fractions.  There are instructional videos posted on Our Wiki on ALL of the fraction concepts that we cover that will provide for extra support when studying or doing homework.

We will be having our ELA State test next Wednesday and Thursday.  You have all been through the fourth grade ELA test which took place over 3 days, this however is much shorter.

We have been working very hard this year during our Reading Workshop and have zeroed in on our comprehension skills.  However, one way to prepare for this test is to give your child at least 20 minutes of quiet time each night so they can read a Just Right book to themselves and then have a discussion about the book they read.   You could also read with your child or even read to your child.

Here is a video that shows what a discussion between a parent and child could look like. 

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