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This year as always we had our annual New Year’s Eve party. Every year we invite over a hundred people to celebrate New Year’s Eve at our house. This year over a hundred said they would come but then 96 people came instead but that was still a good number. Before New Year’s Eve I would check the e-vite every day to see who was coming and who was not. I am going to tell you about the party so here I go. The day of new years eve I was cleaning the house and getting everything perfect as well as resting since I was going to stay up till after midnight and had just been sick the 5 days before and needed to get more rest.


     At 7:00 when the party started I was all ready and waiting looking from door to door nonstop to see if anyone was coming. Sadly at 7:20ish 20 whole minutes after the party started, the first guests arrived. The first guests were a boy I knew from pre-K and his younger brother. Next our old neighbors came that I had seen a lot for the last few years. Those people were 2 twin boys that are a year older than me. Finally the third guests were a family that had a girl my age/one of my friends named RL.


When my friend RL came I went down to my room to jump in my beanbag and listen to music.  Soon more and more people came so that I could have even more friends to play with.  Soon my friend KC came with her new ipod and we listened to her music on her ipod well jumping in my beanbag eating all sweets and doing all different sorts of things such as going into my sister’s room and making her and her friends scream at us for even looking at them.  Well the party went on that way with soon every one of my friends were there except for AM who was in Louse and not coming back for 6 months!  Well we just ate spied on the grownups well they thought we were surveying them for what their favorite cookies were.  This all went on until a little before midnight. 

A few minutes before midnight me and a few of my friends all got in real feather masks, big fluffy boas and face paint and then went up stairs right at midnight to watch the firework that my dad was about to set off at as close as he could to midnight.   After the firework all the kids got sparklers and we played with them in the rain well we froze half to death or at least my feet did.  After the sparklers we went up onto our deck to do wish a boat which was where we did our wish for the coming year by lighting a candle and letting it float on the water’s surface in a bucket.

After midnight everybody started leaving all my friends left except LF and LM who stayed a bit longer or maybe even 2 hours longer but I had no idea because I was too exhausted to stand up. I fell asleep on the rug once and got up finally very sore from the hard floor and then my friend LF told me to get up and go to bed so I did and I was so glad to fall asleep.

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