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THE BEST THING ABOUT WINTER BREAK=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://!!!!

    The best thing about winter break was after opening presents. Because you get to play with all of our presents. And you also have alot of free time because that's a good excuse. We also ate dinner with my family. We ate a big ham, potatoes, and cheese bread. After dinner we unwrapped the rest of our presents while my mom and dad took pictures of the family. After that, we played with all of our presents.

     At 12:00 we went to bed. That was my favorite part about winter break=http://=http://=http://=http://

         This is the WORST part about winter break! One time after My brother and I " finished" shoveling the driveway, we made a very dangerous slope by pushing each other down. We were sledding down our dangerous hill while it was my turn. The fun thing was ramping off my brother! The very bad thing was hitting my head really fast against a tree stump.

                                                       THE END


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