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Exploring Biotechnology & Global Issues

S2 8th Grade

Exploring Biotechnology.
Topics in biotechnology include the potential impact of biofuels to invigorate NC rural economy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

AIG-Global Issues
Topics in Global Issues include student ideas for living in a flat world. This includes their work to address global problems, poverty, sustainability, climate change, world health and world peace.

by Gregory Louie

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Eighth graders:

"Don't predict the future, create it." - attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

Imagine your dream job of the future. What would you do each day, week, year, where would you do it, and what other benefits would there be?

Now evaluate your dream job using Mr. Louie's criteria for success.

1. Will the job be interesting and never boring?
2. Will you make a decent living?
3. At the end of your life, will you be able to say, "I made the world a better place, by what I did during my career?"

You should have a least one paragraph describing your dream job of at least three sentences. Then three paragraphs of three to five sentences each evaluating your dream job with my criteria for success.
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Mr. Louie is a protein chemist/molecular biologist who loves teaching. His current passions include global education, web 2.0 technologies and organic gardening. In his spare time he dances the mambo with his lovely wife and rambunctious 5-year old daughter.

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