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We are a class of second graders! There are so many things that bloggers can do: write articles; type things you've written on paper; send comments to give people ideas, make connections, or give compliments; look at the ClustrMap and see where our visitors come from; read comments people have made on our blogs; read Mrs. Shulman's articles; look at the bookshelf; visit different links like Dance Mat Typing and Free Rice; and visit blogs from other classes around the world. Have fun blogging!

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teacher: Mrs. Shulman

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Once upon a time a girl and two boys were at the basketball cort. Then the girl said how about I play against you two. So the two boys said shure the two boys said at the same time. Then the two boys looked at each other and started to laugh. Then they turned back to the girl and said are you shure you want to play against us? ya! why not? Oh just because I bet we'll beat you said one of the boys. We'll I think I'm going to beat you said the girl. Ok said the boys if your mad that we win than it's not our falt. Ok said the girl Then let's play! Said the boys. Ok then the girl started to dribbe the ball. And she made a basket! The boys were amazed. Then one of the boys started with the ball. He tryed to pass the ball to the other boy but the girl got it insted! And she shot the ball right into the hoop! Soon the game was over. The girl won 10 to nothing. The boys didn't say a word. They just kept staring at the girl. But the girl just smiled and said now are you mad? ya sortof why? Now you have learned your lessen. What lessen? Well you learned that it's not nice to say are you shure you want to play agenst us. Because were gonna win. Well I guss we did learn our lesson. good.

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Hi my name is Emily, I LOVE to act and to do gymnastics! My favorite color is orange and some other colors. I have a pond of fish outside and a tank inside. My favorite animal is a dog but I don't have one. So if you have one send it right away! I'm just kidding just kidding! I have an older sister and a younger brother. I'm in second grade and I love it! My favorite restaurant is Sweet Tomatoes. I am so lucky that I have a blog! I love to read and wright and blog. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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