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We are the student writers of a 2nd grade transitional bilingual class in New York. We are using this blog as a resource to help strengthen our writing skills through self-expression, opinions, and communication of topics that we are learning about and exploring in the classroom.

by Milagros Henriquez-Santiago
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Dear Students:

     During workshop today, I'd like you to use Kidspiration3 to illustrate a pair of  antonyms.  Then write a sentence using those antonyms.  Last, record your voice reading the sentence you created.  Use capitals and punctuation marks correctly.  Use your best spelling. Look at the sample below that we created together to help you.  Remember, I will be uploading these to your blogs, so do  your best.                                                                                            


                                                           Mrs. Henriquez-Santiago 


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Welcome! My name is Mrs. Henriquez-Santiago and I am second grade bilingual teacher on Long Island in New York.
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