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One day i CALLED my friend Abby, we TALKED for a while and i almost shed a tear because i havn't seen her for a long time because i moved so we havn't TALKED in a while.After that i GRABBED an orange and PEELED it and slowly raised it up to my mouth and TASTED it with the tip of my tongue and it tasted pretty good. Eventoally it was nine o' clock at night  so i went to bed. I DREAMED that Abby and me went and PICKED berries and my best friend in the whole wide world showed up his name is Kollin, joined us . After a while Kollin thought of something he said that "we should go swimming instead of picking berries it's too hot" me and Abby STARED at eachother for a while and i said "sure that sounds great". so Abby, me, and Kollin went home to get our swim suits. When we got to the pool we had races we would take turns so that someone could be the judge. The judge CHEERED for whoever was ahead then i woke up and sighed "i wish i could see them one more time".                                                                The End 
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