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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Did you know that drugs ruin your life? Well it true and over this week Rye’s seventh grade spent four days listening to a sober catholic Joe Flood. He talked about when you do drugs it will affect your life a lot for example if you got hooked to a drug then that automatically takes money from your bank account. Also, drugs are very bad for your brain because when you have beer your brain likes the feeling it gets and wants more than after a while one beer isn’t enough so you get two and you get the feeling then it keeps happening to you till you drink a six pack a day. And when you start young you usually will get addicted to the drug or drink. And when you have a beer when you are young it dims one of your lights which are like little rooms. The first light is thinking, the second is the control panel, the third is a safety nerd, the fourth light is when you jest pass out, the fifth light is pass out, and lastly you sixth light goes you die.

There is couple things I learned from Joe are that drugs ruin your life and there is so many ways to discover drugs. And when you do drugs that it is very dangerous because you can lose so much.

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