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      Thanksgiving dinner. A spectacular day for your taste buds. All of that food! My mouth waters just thinking about it. But there is one thing that satisfies me the most on Thanksgiving. The scrumptious pie! All of the glorious flavors! The pie I had on Thanksgiving wasn’t pumpkin pie, but apple pie! It’s perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing is as American as apple pie! (Other than baseball) This apple pie was brought up by my dad’s parents, Nonna and Grandpa. (Nonna is Italian for grandma)The crust was crisscrossed perfectly, with a dusting of sugar on top. I loved the sound of the crust crackling as my dad cut it. He handed me a sticky slice.  As I bit into it, a blast of savory flavor coated my mouth. The gooey caramel swished around, sticking to anything in its reach, while the warm crust collided with the soft apples. I felt the ice-cream slide down my throat, cooling my throat, hot with apples. I had three sensational servings before my stomach gurgled with satisfaction. I with never forget that first bite of Thanksgiving pie.

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