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All the students in room 15 teach and learn from each other. The challenges that are achieved are limited only by the restrictions of their own minds!

by Lucario teacher: Michael La Marr
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The Golden Bear’s Journey to Golden Gulch by Lucario The Golden Bears When President Polk announced that there really was gold in California we decided to go there. When we started traveling to California from Boston we had a dreadful consequence because we left too early. All the grass had been covered up by the snow. My mining team’s second consequence was when the Golden Princess crashed in Cape Horn. We fell in the water with The Four Mighty Miners around Cape Horn. They were riding a ship around Cape Horn until they crashed into shore. Then we crashed into the shore also on the Golden Princess Our last try was lucky because we made it to Golden Gulch by overland travel. My mining team had to spend 136 gold nuggets just to get to get to Golden Gulch, but it was worth it. We were the second to the last team to make it to Golden Gulch. I think we will get a lot of gold nuggets. I feel like my team has a chance of finding tons of gold nuggets by the end of the Gold Rush. The End
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I live in Arden Park. My favorite hobby is reading, swimming, and playing video games. My favorite game is Patapon.

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