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Number coordinates can make a shape by connecting lines, each of those lines have small dots connected to them. These dots show the coordinates like [-40 30] It must connect to another line or else it won't work. If it dosen't connect, it wont become a shape, and your trying to find hidden shapes.                              TRIANGLES There are many types of triangles, Like the Scalene triangle or the Isoscoles triangle. (wow, big names huh?) Also, to be a triangle it does not have to have equal sides ( The Right Triangle does not have ALL equal sides, just TWO). But the triangle shape has to close, because it's a Polygon.

                                                         Polygons are shapes that have........

  • straight lines (HAVE TO BE STRAIGHT)

  •  They are closed shapes ( If they weren't closed, they wouldn't be polygons!)

  • They are bot round like circles (Circles aren't polygons!)


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