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The poptart gained speed, hitting millions of jumpropes. It reached lightspeed, going into a time warp. It warped 3 million years into the future. Floating cars and cities on clouds. The poptart flew through hologram jumpropes, and the base of the cloud cities. Then, the poptart flies into a place called, "Toasterrama". The poptart jumped into each toaster, then hopping out of them.
Then, The poptart went into the "Hyper Toaster Shooter 500000". It counted down. 3....2....1....blast off! The poptart was shot through the air, and through the buildings. It crashes into the wall of a building, and the poptart flies into a toaster on the table. This was the " Extreme Poptart Light Speed Launcher". And the toaster shoots the toaster at light speed, and goes into a time warp, while everyone watches in amazement. The poptart goes through a time portal, and lands in the jurassic ages. It's amazing what a lifeless poptart, isn't it?
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